HowToZive is a Blog that provides detailed explanations and guides on how to do specific tasks. In every article, our team includes screenshots or pictures of the steps of solutions. We also add links to additional references so readers don’t have trouble understanding it properly. We also add videos inside articles in form of solutions to their problems so it will be easier to get their work done. Every Information provided in our articles is 100% accurate and self tested.

What is HowToZive?

HowToZive is a blog mostly covers How-to articles which are useful for people who are finding the answer they’re looking for. 

Why should you pick HowToZive at the beginning? Because we put our hearts on the blogs for the netizens to build an independent blog that uses its How-tos and instructive articles to assist people in finding solutions to their issues. and providing you with the best how-to tutorials

People who wish to learn something quickly or find the solution they’re seeking might benefit from how-to articles. Readers may use the Search box at the top to do keyword searches or explore all of the themes to see if there are any articles that address their specific query.

HowToZive was started back in august 2022 by Yograj Alimkar And Hemaja Burud. 

Each post provides helpful, in-depth instructions on how to carry out particular activities. To make it easier for readers to go on to other tasks after finishing the articles, We often provide screenshots, images,  videos, and connections to other resources. The postings are divided into many topics.

The goal of this blog is to arm readers with the information and expertise they need to respond to typical how-to queries. The website offers a variety of articles about technology, gaming, shopping, and other subjects.

HowToZive Motive

This Blog’s primary motive is to solve and help many users in finding solutions to their problems. The blog is a way to provide visitors with the most enjoyment of their time. They are perusing “How to” articles or scrolling through a list of the simplest solutions to the issues we face every day.

Our goal

Our goal is to give people SOLUTIONS to their problems and queries using different sources of information that we individuals find it.

HowToZive is a valuable place for finding steps to your questions and also a cozy corner for finding new pieces of information.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the steps solutions to every queries visitors comes with. We main focuses on how-to articles.

Every Content on our website is checked by quality team before publishing to make sure the content is up-to-date.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the informative knowledge that is accurate.


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Yograj Alimkar is a computer engineer. He is affiliate marketer by profession and have many blogs where he handle all technical work. He is also content writer on blog.



Hemaja Burud is a EXTC engineer. She is SEO specialized and helped many website rank on search engineer. She is passionate in writing content.

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