How to add nest wifi point-Set up Google Wifi 2022

Do you have a Google WiFi setup in your home? Want to add Nest WiFi points to your existing network but are clueless about how you can accomplish it? Well, the process might seem complicated, but in reality, it isn’t.        

We have devised the process in a simple step-by-step guide so that you can properly understand How to add nest wifi point. When you add Nest WiFi point, not only will you expand wireless coverage of your Google network in your home but also extend the reach of Google Assistant.

How To Add Nest WiFi Point [Set up Google Wifi]

How to add nest wifi point

Google Nest WiFi points simply work as an extender that can help you expand the WiFi coverage of your Google network in your home by a large area. However, you can’t simply add a Nest WiFi point, and you will have to migrate your Google WiFi network first.

          Since you will configure the Nest WiFi point in the Google Home app, you will have to import the network to the app and then start the process. In general, the importing process is done automatically, but if it doesn’t, then you will have to add it manually;
     So without further ado, let’s jump into the process of adding Nest WiFi point to your existing Google WiFi network;

Total Time: 10 minutes

Setting Up The New Device

How to add nest wifi point

Your first task is to open the Google Home app from your smartphone and select the New icon from the Menu. Then you will have to select set up new devices options which are located under the Add to Home tab. A new page will appear, and from the device list, you need to select Home.

Detecting the Nest WiFi Point

Detecting the Nest WiFi Point

Once you have chosen the Setup new devices option, the Google Home app will start detecting the Nest WiFi point. Make sure to keep the Nest WiFi point switched on; otherwise, it won’t be able to detect it.

Entering The Nest WiFi Point Code

Entering The Nest WiFi Point Code

When the Google Home app detects the Nest WiFi point, it will ask for the setup code. The setup code is mainly located on the back of the Nest WiFi point. But if you don’t find it, then you check the product manual or purchase mail; it will be mentioned over there.

Importing Your Google WiFi Network

Importing Your Google WiFi Network

When you add the code of your Nest WiFi point, the Home app will connect to the Nest point. Once connected, you will be furnished with a pop-up “Looks like you already have a Google WiFi”, and they will give you some options.
          You will have to select “Yes,  add to existing”, and it will collect all the information about your WiFi network. Now when you get an option of importing your network, you just have to choose Next, and your current WiFi setup will get imported to the Home app.

Adding The WiFi Settings

Adding The WiFi Settings

In this step, your only job is to add Google WiFi settings to your Home app by tapping on the “I Agree” option when prompted. You can omit this option if you don’t want to keep details of the WiFi settings on the app.

Turning On WiFi Stats and Cloud Services

After you have added Google WiFi settings to the app, you will now get a pop message where the app will ask permission to Turn On WiFi Router and Point Usage Stats. Once you turn on the previous service, you will again be furnished with another permission to Turn On Nest WiFi Cloud Service. You should turn on both services to ensure smooth functioning.

Hearing The Chime and Choosing the Location

Hearing The Chime and Choosing the Location

When the Google Nest WiFi point gets connected, the nest will produce a “chime” sound. It will also ask whether you hear the chime sound, and you will have to select “Yes”.

Assisting Google WiFi Improvement Process

How to add nest wifi point

In the next section, it will ask you to select the location for your Nest WiFi point, and you will have to select the appropriate one. It is a part of the Google WiFi products improvement process.

Setting Up The Google Assistant

How to add nest wifi point

Now, your next task is to set up the Google Assistant when prompted. You will set up your voice through Google Assistant so that it can recognize your command. Secondly, you will also have to determine whether you want the Personal result from the Assistant.

Finalizing The Process

How to add nest wifi point

In the last step, your job is to enter all the necessary details before finally using the Nest WiFi point.


  • Internet
  • Power


  • Google Nest Wifi

Materials: Hardware Software

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How to add nest wifi point- Video

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How many WiFi points can you add to Nest WiFi?

The maximum number of WiFi points you can add to a single Nest WiFi is five points, but you need to remember adding WiFi points will degrade the performance.

Can you use two Google Nest WiFi routers together?

You can absolutely use two Google Nest WiFI together to expand your coverage. In general, you can have multiple routers together in your house to create a wide WiFi network coverage in your whole house.

Can I Use Google Nest As A WiFi Access Point?

No, it is not recommended to use your Google Nest as the main WiFi access point; rather, you should use the Nest WiFi router as the primary access point.

What is The Nest WiFi Point?

The Nest WiFi point from Google is a complete home WiFi system that is designed to be placed in your house for wide and reliable network coverage.

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Final Words

The process of how to add Nest WiFi points might sound intimidating in the first place, but once you look at it, you will find it straightforward. We have properly explained each step so that you won’t have to stumble anywhere else to clear out any confusion. Once you add Nest WiFi points, you will enjoy a wide area coverage in your home.

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