How to cancel a fax app subscription on a Mac computer

If you are searching for how to cancel a fax app subscription on a Mac computer, here I explain all the details. Advanced technology creates it more accessible to sign up for a fax app subscription. With some functions, such as automatic renewal and saved credit card details, it often takes just a few taps to access your premium. But when you try to cancel your fax app subscriptions, you get a bit messier, like you may have forgotten about it or no long time required or completing the subscription period.

Here, you get all information about canceling a fax app subscription on a Mac computer, so read on.

Here is how to cancel a fax app subscription on a Mac computer

You can cancel your fax app subscription through a Mac computer; you should apply some valuable steps. Here I explain all steps:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open the Mac App Store:

In this step, you must launch the Mac App Store, then press on your username at the bottom section of the displayed sidebar.

Press “View Information”:

After that, you need to press the “View Information” option at the top section of the displayed window and complete the sign-in process if necessary.

Find “Subscription”:

Next, you should scroll down on the next page that appears to you until you locate the “Subscriptions” option and then press the “Manage” button.

Cancel subscription:

Now, you can click the “Edit” option beside the Fax for iPhone – Send Faxing app, and lastly, press the “Cancel Subscription” button.


  • Internet


  • Your Device

Materials: Software

In this process, you must use the same username and ID which you used to set up the fax app subscription process to console that subscription when required. 


How do I cancel the Plantme app?

You can easily cancel your Plantme app on IOS; you can go to the App Store, press your profile, tap on your subscriptions, then cancel. The important thing is that you could do this till I kept seeing the app Developer next to respond with the “cancel in the App Store” option.

How do I cancel my subscription to Guitartuna?

You must follow some steps to cancel your Guitartuna subscription through Google Play. These steps are:
 1. Firstly, you must go to the Google Play Store app on your Android or tablet.
2. Then, press the profile icon, which you can find in the top right section.
3. After that, you should find the Payments & subscriptions section and locate the
4. Subscriptions option.
5. Next, you need to choose the subscription which you want to cancel.
6. Now, you must click the Cancel Subscription. And please follow the guidelines.

How do I cancel the Filmigo app?

If you are thinking about canceling my subscription to the Filmigo app from my Android phone or tablet, you should follow these simple steps:
1. Firstly, you must go to
2. Then, select the subscription which you desire to cancel.
3. Next, you need to press Cancel Subscription.


I hope you like this information on how to cancel a fax app subscription on a Mac computer; now, you can use these steps if you have a Mac computer. These steps for canceling an app subscription to fax are simple to use. Please, stay here to get other fantastic posts.

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