How to cancel an Alexa routine-Easy Solution 2022

Here are your details if you want to know how Alexa stops a running routine. Alexa routines are suitable for getting things done around your house quickly. You can use Alexa for various tasks, from entertaining friends to playing music. Alexa routines are the best way to create your lifestyle easier. But if you think about the Alexa cancel routine, yes, it is possible.

In this post, I will explain how to cancel an Axela routine. So, read on.

Here is how to cancel an Alexa routine

Alexa routines are a way to make your lifestyle more manageable. But sometimes you must use the Alexa cancel routine, so follow some straightforward steps. These steps are here:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open Alexa App:

Firstly, you must open the Axela App on your usable phone or tablet.

Go to the menu section:

Then you need to choose More from the Menu section and press on Routines from your displayed list.

Choose the Routine:

After that, choose the Routine you want to cancel under the Routines sections.

Find the edit tab:

Next, toggle off the Enabled section in the Edit tab, as shown below area. Now, you have to see Alexa stop a running routine.

Estimated Cost: -3 USD


  • Internet


  • Your Device

Materials: Software

How to Edit or Delete a Routine in the Alexa App


How do I delete a routine?

You can delete a routine; you need to follow the below process. The process is in the Google Home app:
1. Firstly, you need to go to the Google Home app you see your usable Android phone.
2. Then, you must press the Routines option on your home screen.
3. After that, choose the routine which you wish to delete.
4. Next, you can press the Delete button. Now, you will delete the routine.

How do I stop my Alexa routine alarm?

You say, “Alexa, set the alarm for 6 AM the next morning.” The following day, when the alarm goes off, you must say, “Alexa, stop,” and your alarm will turn off. If you wish extra time to wake up in the morning, you can use the snooze function to minimize time and silence the Alexa alarm.

How do I cancel my order on Alexa?

You can easily cancel your order on Alexa; you must follow some straightforward steps. These steps are as follows:
1. Firstly, you need to go to the Alexa app.
2. Then, you can go to the More section and choose the Settings option.
3. After that, you should select the Account Settings option.
4. Next, you need to choose the Voice Purchasing button.
5. Now, you can turn Voice Purchasing on or off.


The smart home device Alexa cancels routine is the most pleasing way to manage your daily lifestyle.

 Alexa stops a running routine; it is the possible thing through the above steps. As you see, the above method and steps are related to canceling the Alexa routine. You can easily use these simple steps, which are helpful for you through connecting to Alexa. I hope you like this post on how to cancel an Alexa routine, so please stay here, and read other posts.

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