How to cancel fax app subscription on Android [Simple Steps] 2022

It’s a simple process to sign up for a subscription on an app, but a cancel app subscription can be a little trickier. Are you wondering how to cancel fax app subscription on Android? Here I will explain everything, so you need to know about Cancel Fax from a Phone Subscription of Android account, read on.

Here is how to cancel a fax app subscription on Android

You will be done with your cancel subscription app through Android. You need to know all details of the canceled Fax from the phone subscription on Android. Here, you should understand some simple steps:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open the Google Playstore app:

In this step, you must go to the Google PlayStore app from your Android phone’s home screen.

Find menu option:

Then, on the left-hand side of the displayed screen, you must press the hamburger menu symbol beside the search bar section.

Select “Subscriptions”: 

After locating the menu section, you can find a list and choose the “Subscriptions” option.

Cancel subscription:

Then go to the “Fax from Phone – Send Fax App” section and press the “Cancel Subscription” button.


You will be asked why you desire to cancel your fax app subscription. You can select any option. You can also avoid answering.
Now, your will cancel your subscription to the Fax app from your phone. When you click the confirmation cancel button, please, check the provided agreement properly.


  • Internet


  • Your Device

Materials: Software


How do I cancel my subscription to balance?

Manage your subscription:
You may manage your premium subscription, cancel it, or turn off your automatic subscription renewals via your phone’s Apple App Store or Google Play Store app profile. Once you select to cancel your premium subscription, it will remain active until your recent subscription period finishes.

How do I find all of my Subscriptions?

You should find your purchases, reservations & subscriptions, so you need to follow some steps, which are as follows:
1. Firstly, you must go to your device’s Settings app Google on your usable Android phone or tablet. Then, you can manage your Google Account.
2. After that, press the Payments & subscriptions option in the upper area.
3. Next, you can press the Manage purchases, subscriptions, or reservations options.
4. Now, you can find more details and choose an item from them.

How do I cancel my subscription to Icarefone?

Firstly, you must press the Settings option. After that, you need to press the Payments option. Then you can tap Manage preapproved payments under the “Preapproved payments” option and choose the merchant whose contract you want to cancel. Lastly, press the Cancel button.


If you read the above section of the fax app subscription canceling, now you learn the steps, and you can use these steps. All steps of canceling a Fax app from a Phone Subscription are straightforward, which is helpful. Android users can easily unsubscribe from their fax app through the above process.

I hope you like this post on how to cancel a fax app subscription, so stay here for another fantastic article.

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