How to cancel fax app subscription on Paypal

If you want to cancel your app subscription to fax, here is the right place. Here, I will explain all the details of canceling a subscription to the fax app. 

Sometimes, you may purchase a plan subscription directly on a company’s website without using an additional security step. But during unsubscribe time, you might have to sign in to the fax app by directly searching out the payments provider like Paypal. Generally, here you can learn How to cancel fax app subscription on Paypal. So, read the full article. 

How to cancel fax app subscription on Paypal

It is interesting to know that you can easily cancel your fax app subscription through your Paypal account. Here are some steps which you can find yourself in that successful cancellation. These steps are as follows:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Sign in to Paypal:

Firstly, you must sign in to your Paypal account.

Click “settings”:

Then, you must click the “Settings” option, which you can find at the top of your Paypal profile page.

Select “Payments” :

After that, you need to choose the “Payments” option.

Press “Manage Automatic Payments”:

Now you can press the “Manage Automatic Payments” option.

Locate Fax from Phone – Send Fax App:

After pressing the Automatic Payments option, you will find the Fax from Phone – Send Fax App option. Then click on it.

Cancel subscription:

Next, you need to press the “Cancel” button.
Now, you will cancel your fax app subscription from your phone through Paypal. 


  • Internet


  • Your Device

Materials: Software


How do I cancel my FaceApp subscription on Android?

Go to Google Play on your Android phone. Search for Faceapp (go to a new tab) in the search bar option at the upper section of the screen. Press on the Manage Subscriptions option.
Press on your FaceApp subscription:
1. Click Cancel Subscription at the bottom section of the display.
2. Put a reason for canceling and then press the Continue button.
3. Click the Cancel Subscription button again.

How do I cancel a debit card subscription?

Here is how to manage your automatic debits from your user account:
1. Firstly, you can call or write the company. Explain to them that you are taking away your permission for the company to take your automatic payments out of your usable savings account.
2. Secondly, you should call and mail your bank or credit union.
3. And permit your bank to a “stop payment order.”
4. As possible, please monitor your accounts.

How do I cancel my subscription to Bazaart?

You need to know that:
You can manage your Bazaart subscriptions in your App Store profile Settings option and cancel them from this section. First, please go to the Google App Store, press your usable profile ( which you can locate at the top right area of the visible screen), and then click the Subscriptions button. 


As you see in the above portion of the fax app subscription canceling, now you have learned the method and steps, and you can apply these steps. These steps of canceling a Fax app through Paypal are much easy. 

I hope you like this page on how to cancel a fax app subscription on Paypal; please stay here and read another amazing post.

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