How To Cancel Femometer Subscription On An Android Device-2022 Guide

Many people cancel femometer prime subscriptions for some of the issues. Whatever the issues, I will guide you on how to cancel the femometer subscription. Everyone must know that the femometer app is free to use, but if you need to cancel it, do so. You need to know the essential things to cancel femometer subscription. So read the full article here.

How to cancel femometer subscription on your Android device

If you wish to cancel the Femometer Tracker subscription on your usable Android, you don’t need to delete the femometer app. Just use some straightforward steps. Follow the steps here:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Go to the Google Play Store:

Firstly, you must go to the Google Play Store on your usable android device. If you have many functional Google accounts, check that you’re signed into the correct account.

Find “Subscriptions”:

Then, you need to tap on the menu section and locate to “Subscriptions” option.

Select the Femometer Subscriptions:

After finding the Subscription option, you can select the Femometer Tracker subscription you want to cancel.

Cancel subscriptions:

Next, you must press the “Cancel Subscription” button in that section. Now, you finish up your cancel Femometer subscription.


  • Internet


  • Your Phone

Materials: Software

When your Femometer prime subscription has been canceled from Google Play, your further subscriptions will be canceled and won’t be renewed anymore.


Is Femometer a good brand?

See explanation:
Femometer has a waterproof tip that is simple to clean and maintain hygienically. In this tracker, the thermometer shows a reading in under one minute. In a research analysis of 25 expert reviews, the Femometer Infant Forehead Digital Thermometer placed 6th when they find at the top 12 items in the category.

Is Femometer a good app?

Femometer is undoubtedly a good app – many women have learned so much about their bodies and cycle through using these products! If you are considering trying out a natural birth control method, I highly suggest using the Femometer.

Does Femometer sell your data?

Femometer company does not reveal or share the saved personal data of any tracker users with other companies or users.

How accurate is the Femometer pregnancy test?

Accurate Femometer Pregnancy Tests:
The pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate through Femometer, and test results are provided in three minutes.

When can a woman not get pregnant?

You need to know the basic details here: Women do not remain about their fertile until menopause. The significant thing is that the average age for menopause is 51, but several women become unable to get pregnant sometime in their period of the 40s. These overall percentages are accurate for natural conception and also conception through fertility treatment and in vitro fertilization (IVF).


You can cancel Femometer prime if you wish not to use this app anymore! You should use that money somewhere that’s more valuable to you.

As you see, the above steps of canceling the Femometer subscription and the whole process are so simple. So now you can easily apply these steps if you are an android device user. I hope you like this article, so please read here another helpful article.

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