How to cancel femometer subscription on an iPhone or iPad-2022 Guide

Are you want to cancel a femometer prime subscription to an iPhone or iPad? Here everything you get all the details. In an app, the sign-up process is easy, but canceling subscriptions can be a little trickier. The incredible thing is femometer app free for everyone. So, you can use it without extra investment.

You know that Apple hasn’t always made the most effortless process obvious, so you need to know the step-by-step process of femometer subscription cancellation.  

How to cancel femometer subscription on your iPhone or iPad

If you use a femometer, you can easily cancel any femometer prime on your usable iPhone or iPad. When you wish to cancel it, just use some basic steps. These steps are here:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open the settings app:

In this process, Firstly, you must go to the settings option on your iPhone or iPad and click on your name.

Find “Subscriptions”:

Then, You can find the “Subscriptions” option and press on it.
(Please remember that you might not automatically locate this section. In that situation, press on iTunes & Appstore)

Locate your Apple ID:

After that, you need to find your Apple ID and press it. You should complete sign in the process through Apple ID and scroll down to the “Subscriptions” option.

Choose Femometer Subscription:

Next, you can choose on Femometer prime subscription you wish to cancel.

Cancel subscription:

Now, you need to click on the Cancel button.
Please remember that if you don’t find a “Cancel Subscription” option for the Femometer subscription, you need to be sure it has been canceled already. And you need to like that it won’t renew anymore.


  • Internet


  • Your phone

Materials: Software


Do you have to pay for Femometer?

Incredibly, Femometer Fertility Tracker, Ovulation & Period Calendar is 100% free to use. It’s an advanced and accessible female period tracker, also beneficial for the pregnancy week-by-week app, right ovulation calendar, fertility calculator, cycle tracker, ovulation predictor, and PMS symptoms tracker for women.

How much is the Femometer app?

The Femometer app is free to use:
Here is the App Description- You can use the Femometer Fertility Tracker, Ovulation & Period Calendar, which is 100% free!

How do you read a Femometer pregnancy test?

You can read a Femometer pregnancy test; please follow the below instruction:
It is interesting to know that the Pregnancy test contains two lines: the control line (C) and the test line (T). Significantly, the control line should always appear; otherwise, it indicates that the test is invalid. You must understand that the result is positive if you see two colored lines on the test strip. You must know that the test result is considered positive even if the test line barely appears.

What is a Femometer?

You need to know that the Femometer captures a woman’s precise basal temperature right after they wake up when their body temperature is lower than at other times.


You already know the best thing is that femometer app free so that you can use your various purpose. But when you think about cancellation, you can easily apply the above steps in the cancellation process of the femometer prime. You have done it when you wish to cancel your femometer subscription on your iPhone or iPad.

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