How To Cancel Ooma Subscription-[2022 Guide]

Since its founding in 2004 and throughout its existence, Ooma has offered VoIP services to thousands of Americans. It generates more than $100 million in revenue annually and was named one of the fastest-growing private firms in 2015.

Despite their achievements, there have been many dissatisfied clients along the way. You’ll want to know How To Cancel Ooma Subscription so you can move on to other services if you start having similar concerns.

Are you prepared to cancel your Ooma subscription? The quickest method is provided here.

You may cancel your Ooma Subscription by following these simple steps, and you’ll soon be on your way:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. To cancel, talk to them on the phone or through online chat.

    Sadly, Ooma does not offer a direct account cancellation option on its website. The only way to cancel is to get in touch with their support service and ask them to do so. You can call them at 1-866-929-6662 or start a live chat at Ooma chat support

  2. List the reasons you’re canceling in writing.

    On the other end of the chat, Ooma’s representatives will probably be highly persuasive and use every trick in the book to attempt to persuade you to stick with them. Writing down your cancellation just before starting the discussion is the easiest method to keep it from happening again.

  3. Send a cancellation request.

    When you’re ready to cancel Ooma, start the chat session online or over the phone and explain why you’re doing so.

  4. Recheck your account status to be sure your account has been deactivated.

    Once you’ve completed speaking with their agent, log into your Ooma account and verify the status of your subscription to make sure your account has been canceled.


  • Internet
  • Power


  • Your Phone
  • Your laptop or PC

Materials: Software

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Alternative cancellation method

Ooma does not offer a direct cancellation option through its website, in contrast to many other contemporary IT companies. The only options are to phone them at the given numbers or use their live chat feature.

It will be a good idea to send their team a message on social media with your cancellation request if, however, you are unable to contact them due to some technical issues.

They are not the largest business, but neither are all excellent businesses. In contrast to some of the globalized behemoths out there, many of the best businesses tend to remain modestly sized.

Ooma has made the decision to concentrate on its core VoIP services and offer the best possible customer care. Send Ooma a message on social media to see if they can assist you if you have any additional questions before canceling your account to see if they can:

On your statement, your Ooma subscription can appear as:

  • 888-711-6662 CA
  • OOMA,INC xxx-xxx-6662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA 94303 USA
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA 94303 US
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA 94303 USA
  • WWW.OOMA.COM 888-711-6662 CA
  • OOMA INC 888-711-6662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 8887116662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA 94303 US
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662 CA 94303 USA
  • OOMA.COM 888-711-6662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 8887116662 CA
  • OOMA, INC 888-711-6662

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Ooma VOIP-Everything You Need to Know!


Why do people cancel Ooma?

Ooma, which focuses on VoIP services for customers at home, on the go, and in small businesses, has increased its revenue in recent years from its modest beginnings in Palo Alto, California, in 2004 to over $100 million. Even among the fastest-growing private enterprises, it has been cited. Many of its customers have chosen to cancel Ooma rather than stick with them, despite the fact that its revenue has been rising continuously over the years. Yet why?

The fact that the service promised just hasn’t been delivered is one of the most frequently cited reasons consumers have concluded it’s time to ultimately move on from Ooma. The telecommunications sector is challenging to work in. It moves quickly, is delicate, and is fiercely competitive. A minor error could cause a satisfied customer to abruptly start looking for competition.

On the other hand, a customer may decide they no longer require Ooma’s services even though they have always had a wonderful experience utilizing them. There is simply no purpose in paying for a service you are no longer utilizing if that is the case (it may be for you). So, ultimately, you will want to stop using Ooma’s services and choose another provider.

How To Cancel An Ooma Subscription?

You have a choice between two approaches to ending your Ooma subscription.
As follows:
–>over phone
–>Online Talk
Ooma’s website does not offer the opportunity to online cancel a membership.

Can I get a prorated refund for canceled services?

No refunds are given by Ooma for unused service terms. Up until the conclusion of the current billing cycle, your membership price will be charged.

How to cancel your Ooma Subscription Via Donotpay?

It only takes two simple steps to end your Ooma subscription using Do not pay. The easiest and safest way to easily cancel your Ooma membership is through this process. To cancel your subscription, follow these instructions:
–>Open a web browser.
–>Fill in your username and password to log into your Donotpay account.
–>Locate and select the Hidden Money option.
In the service’s name, enter the name of the subscription you want to end.
You will receive confirmation of the cancellation of your Ooma Subscription within 48 hours.

How to Cancel Ooma Subscription Via Text Message?

You can message the Ooma staff on social media if a technical issue prevents you from contacting them by phone or online chat. To cancel your Ooma membership by message, follow these steps.
–>Join Facebook by logging in.
–>visit the Ooma Facebook page.
–>After that, contact the Ooma team with a message with your cancellation request.

How To Cancel of Ooma subscription Via Paypal?

To cancel your membership through Paypal, take these steps:
–>Open your web browser first.
–>Open a PayPal account and log in.
–>On the website, there will be an option for account settings; select it.
–>Click on the Payment option from the menu.
–>Look for Manage Automatic Payments and select it.
–>The list of transactions will be visible.
–>After that, locate Ooma Office and press the Cancel button.
There will be a confirmation age before you can stop automatic payment.
On the confirmation page, click Done.

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Ooma is a telecom firm with outstanding features and subscription options, and it has millions of customers. However, there are situations when customers are dissatisfied with the services and want to know how to cancel their Ooma membership.

You can cancel your Ooma membership using the detailed, step-by-step instructions provided in this article.

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