How to change wifi name and password Atlantic Broadband-[Login, Setup, Reset, Defaults]

Got yourself an Atlantic broadband and a brand new router? Well, the first thing you will have to do is change the default WiFi name and password and enter new credentials. Atlantic brand’s experts recommend users change their WiFi name and password whenever they get the router.

        As a new user, you might not be able to change it, and this is the reason this how to change WiFi name and password Atlantic broadband guide will help you out. We have simplified each step so that it is easier for you to understand even if you are using an Atlantic broadband router for the first time.

But, before we proceed with the process of changing the WiFi name and password, we like to put forward how you can find your Router’s IP address on Windows and Mac. Every router from Atlantic Broadband has its own IP address.

How to change wifi name and password Atlantic Broadband

Total Time: 5 minutes

Finding IP Address Of Router On Windows

Here is the process;
●      Begin the process by pressing the Windows key and R key.
●      The run window will open, and there you will have to CMD. Then you will have to tap on Ok.
●      Command prompt window will open, and when it opens, you just have to type the word ipconfig in the blinking space area. Once you have written, just press Enter.
●      Various information comes under the Wireless Lan adapter WiFi section, and there you will find IP addresses written on Default Gateway. In general, the IP address of the Atlantic Broadband router is

Finding IP Address Of Router On Mac

Here is the process;
●      The first thing you will have to do is tap on the Apple icon located at the top bar.
●      It will open a drop-down bar, and from there, you will have to tap on System Preference.
●      Your next task is to look for the Network option and choose the WiFi tab from there.
●      Once you tap on the WiFi option, you will have to select the Advanced tab on the side.
●      Now a new page will appear with numerous tabs for TCP/IP, DNS, WINS and 802.1X. Tap on the TCP/IP, and there you will find the router’s IP address located beside the Router option.


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How You Can Change WiFi Name and Password On Atlantic Broadband Router

When you are using an Atlantic broadband router for the first time, it would be tricky to log in and change the WiFi as well as the password in a straightforward manner. So we have devised the following steps that will help you make any modifications in the credentials;

  • Tap on your preferred web browser and make sure you have a blank address bar on the top. Whether you use Chrome, Safari or Firefox, it won’t matter.
  • Now on the address bar, type the IP address of your Atlantic Broadband router you found previously. Most of the routers of Atlantic Broadband come with a router IP address. Once you have typed the IP address, just press the Enter key.
  • Your router’s login page will appear, and there you will have to input the username and password of your router. In general, the username of most routers is “admin”, and the password is “password”. However, for confirmation, you can check the manual or on the back of the router.
  • Once you enter the username and password and click on login, your router’s page will open up. On that page, you need to move to the Wireless tab and click on it. In general, the Wireless tab will be located on the left or top. Different routers will have Wireless tabs in different places. In some routers, you might have to click on the Advanced option to head to the next page.
  • A new page will open where you will find all the options ranging from wireless network type, name, and channel to security options and passwords.
  • Now, in order to make modifications to the WiFi name, you will have to click on the Name(SSID) section and type your desired WiFi name. You might have to Enable SSID Broadcast to make changes.
  • Once you have changed the WiFi name, you will have to move to the Security Options located below and type a strong password which should be above eight characters. The password section will be highlighted as WPA2-PSK, so you shouldn’t get confused.
  • The last thing you will have to do is click on the Apply or Save option depending on the router. The changes will be automatically applied to the router.


Before we bid goodbye, let’s take a look at some of the commonly asked questions;

How do I change my Broadband WiFi name?

To change your broadband’s WiFi name, you just have to log in to your router’s page and go to the wireless settings. There you will find the name and password and make changes in those sections.

How do I change my password?

You just need to log in to your router’s admin page and then head to the advanced settings of the wireless tab. Change your Wireless security WPA2 and enter the new password. In the end, you just have to click on save to finalize the change in password.

Should I rename my WiFi network?

If you installed the router for the first time, then it would come with the default name of the router. It is a good practice to change the name of the WiFi network to create a unique identity.

What is the SSID name and password?

The SSID name is the name of the wireless network you are using through your router. Basically, the SSID name signifies the unique identity of your WiFi router. The password is the passcode to the WiFi network of your router.

How to change your Wifi name and password – Quick and Easy

Final Words

We are confident that our how to change WiFi name and password Atlantic broadband guide will adequately help you in every way. We have properly described every step so that you don’t have issues while changing the name and password of the WiFi.

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