How to convert Eero router from wireless to wired-[Easy Way] 2022

If you are thinking of converting the Eero router from wireless to wired but can’t find any relevant information, then your search is over. We have come up with a guide that will tell you how to convert Eero router from wireless to wired.

      Wireless networks are not always reliable, and various types of interruptions might occur, which will ruin your experience. But when you convert your Eero to wired and bring out the old school setup, then it can solve all the issues related to wireless. However, if you are wondering whether it is tricky to convert the Eero router to wired, let us tell you it is quite easy than it looks.

However, before we start the setup process, we need to arrange certain items that will facilitate the conversion from wireless to wired.

Eero Wireless To Wired Conversion Requirement

To start the wireless-to-wired conversion, you will need to arrange certain items that will help you accomplish the process. Let’s check them out;

  • Eero Mobile Application- The Eero application on the Android or iOS platform is the main requirement for this process. Download and install it from the App or Play store.
  • Mobile Network Connection- You will need a network connection from a mobile or any portable device that will help in the conversion process.
  • Ethernet Cable- You will need a high-quality ethernet cable that will assist in connecting the Eero to the network having internet.
  • Active Internet Service-  An active internet service will be needed during the process. As you are already using an internet connection from your current ISP, then you won’t have a problem.
  • Latest Eero Model- To convert an Eero wireless to wired, you will need the latest Eero model to facilitate the process. With some older models, the process may not be possible to accomplish.
  • Available Ethernet Port- When you are going for wireless to wired connectivity, your base Eero and the new Eero you will be using should have at least one free Ethernet port.

How To Convert To Eero Wired Connection From Wireless

Once you have arranged all the above items that will help you to change from wireless to Eero multiple wired connections, it is time to start with the process.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open and Register In Eero

Open the Eero app on your smartphone, and you will be prompted with the login option. If you don’t have an account, then you will have to register yourself. Select the Registration option and follow all the on-screen processes to register yourself. Once you have registered, you will be able to log in.

Setting Up The Gateway

Your primary Eero will serve as the gateway, and it will distribute the internet to all the Eero devices. To set up the gateway, first, you will have to take the main Eero and disconnect all the devices except the modem. Then take an ethernet cable and connect one end to the ethernet slot on the modem. Take the other end and connect it to the rear port of the main Eero. Once you have connected, plug into the main power, and it will start getting internet directly from the modem.

Power Cycle The Modem

Now, power cycles the modem because it will ensure smooth connectivity and remove any malfunction that might arise due to the new connection. To power cycle, the modem, unplug the power cable from the power source and wait for 5 minutes. Then again, reconnect it, and the model will be reset.

Hook All The Eero Devices

Now, when everything is ready, you will have to connect all the Eero devices you want to connect to create the wired Eero system. You will have to utilize an ethernet backhaul that will ensure the connection with the main Eero to all the other Eero devices. Now take an ethernet cable and use it to connect the Eero device you want to connect. You can also connect another Eero, and the ethernet port should be connected to the previous Eero device. In this way, you can create an array of networks with Eero devices and convert the wireless network to wired.

Configuring The Eero Network

The last thing you will have to do after you have completed the setup is to configure the Eero network. To do that, open the Eero app and go close to the primary Eero device that you have used as the gateway. The app will detect the Eero device and create a connection with it. When the connection is complete, it will indicate through a flashing light. Now you just have to place the whole setup in a convenient location, and you will be good to go. However, if you face any trouble, you can troubleshoot the device or reset them to solve the issue.


  • Power
  • Internet


  • Eero Router

Materials: Hardware Software

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How to convert Eero router from wireless to wired- Video

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Can all Eeros be wired?

All Eeros can be connected through ethernet, and you will just have to utilize the ethernet backhaul process to create a network. However, you will have to configure the network separately to make all the devices work together.

Should I hardwire Eero?

Hardwiring Eero is important because it will enable you to create a wired network without wireless hubs. You just have to utilize the ethernet backhaul to connect every Eero device serially. However, if you can hardwire all the Eero devices in your home, you can utilize the WiFi facility.

Do all Eero routers need Ethernet?

Not all Eero routers need ethernet connectivity to deliver you internet, as some of them utilize a WiFi system to create the network. If you are using an older Eero router, then you will find ethernet connectivity on those devices

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Final Word

Knowing how to convert Eero router from wireless to wired is a boon to every Eero user because it will help you to create a wired network. You just have to arrange certain items before you can proceed with the process.

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