How to fix red blinking light on router-2022 Troubleshoot Error Lights

You know that internet-related problems are widespread for all. If you see your router blinking red, you need to think about how to fix the red blinking light on the router.

 The meaning red light blinking on the router is a problem of the router, which indicates by red light. It may be an internet problem, a cord and cable issue, or a modem failure.

If you think, Why is my router blinking red? It is the right place for your answer. You can fix this problem, stay here and read the full article properly. Here’s the all details:

Why is my router blinking red light?

If you see your router blinking red, you need to pay attention to two types of red light. These are as follows:

  • Solid red Internet light – Generally, this type of light indicates no internet connection.
  • Blinking red Internet light – This type of light signals that there is a poor internet connection and that the router needs an immediate good connection.

You need to know that this type of problem also depends on the router manufacturer, but generally, this is what the router blinking red means.

How to fix the red blinking light on the router?

How to fix red blinking light on the router?

Already you get your answer of why is my router blinking red. So, now you are focused on how to fix the issue.
We discussed the valuable and effective solution to fix the red light on your router. Please follow the methods:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Give some time when the router blinks red

How to fix red blinking light on router

You like to know that in a few cases, you need to bit a time when you face troubleshooting. Of course, when your router firmware is upgraded, this issue sometimes arises. You shouldn’t interrupt the upgrading process. So, please wait a few moments to solve the problem. Generally, this type of case doesn’t take enough time. But if you see the need time is too long, then you understand that start troubleshooting problem on your router.

Check the Connections of the router

How to fix red blinking light on the router?

Of course, the poor or damaged cord or cable can cause your router’s blink red light. And another cause is that if the cord or cable is not attached to the correct port, so, that’s why you also see that red blinking light. You need to know that this type of problem is created when we replace the networking equipment. I know you need to avoid this type of situation, so carefully replace your old and new equipment side by side. And at a time, disconnect and connect the one cable. You can decrease the risk of connecting the cable to the wrong port.
Please, also check if the connection is loose, you must place the cable properly.

Remove a surge protector/power strip

How to fix red blinking light on the router?

Of course, when you connect your router to a power strip or a surge protector, enough power is not applicable. So, that’s why you can see the red internet light. I suggest you disconnect the power cable from the surge protector or power strip. And then, you must connect the cable to the wall outlet. When your router boots up entirely and your router is on, please recheck the red blinking light still on or off.

Restart your router

How to fix red blinking light on the router?

You like to know that restarting is another option when you seek how to fix the red blinking light on the router. It is the best way because restarting is the easiest method.
Simply, you need to remove the power cord from the power outlet. Please disconnect the power from the router for a few minutes. Then you can connect the power cord back to the wall outlet. After that, you can turn on the router, and please let it do boots completely.

You can contact ISP support

How to fix red blinking light on the router?

After applying all of these methods, you have faced the same issue, so you need to contact your ISP support. And obviously, share with them your router’s exact problem. If necessary, you can tell them the methods you have utilized already. Of course, they can evaluate your line and try to solve the issue remotely. If, in any case, they don’t solve it, they can send their expertise to your address. Amazingly, he will succeed in fixing the router blinking red problem for you.


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What does it mean when a WiFi router blinks red?

A red light blinking on the router means that the router has a poor connection to the internet. This light means some issue has been created with your router. And it may be caused by an outage on Spectrum’s end.

Why is the router not connecting to the internet?

I suggest that it will be great if you restart your router. Of course, restarting is the easiest option. If you wish your router is working well, please must reboot the router occasionally. The significant fact is that rebooting is a quick and easy step for you. Simply unplug the power cable, wait for a few minutes, and then plug the cord back in.

How do I fix my router?

Please follow these steps:
1.    Firstly, you need to Restart the router. It is a simple method; that’s why you can try this usable method.
2.    Secondly, you can change your WiFi band.
3.    You can also check WiFi connections on different devices to understand the exact problem you have faced.
4.    You can use a different Ethernet cable.
5.    You can shift your router to a better position.

What lights should be on my router?

You need to know the light indicators available on your routers, such as power, downstream, upstream, online, and link light. All lights should be solid green on your modem. If any case, you see the power light is yellow, you need to understand that the router may be upgrading. Please, give some time to upgrade it and then reboot it.


I hope you learn How to fix red blinking light on router. If you see your router blinking red light, please read these tricky methods and apply them properly. I think these methods helped you solve the router blinking red problem. Of course, when the network goes down, you can utilize these tricks. Please take some time if your router starts to boot up while applying the fixing method.

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