How to fix red light on Asus router-(Fix) 2022

If you suddenly face an issue with the red light on the Asus router, you need to know How to fix red light on Asus router. The red light on your Asus router means there is some problem with the internet connection. Asus red light router indicates that the internet’s signal can’t detect the ISP can’t connect on your router. I will explain how you can solve this issue independently on this page.

Here you see how to fix the red light on the Asus router

There are several practical solutions to this issue. You need to read the full article; then, you will fix the red light on the Asus router. Here are the methods:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Reboot the Asus router and the modem

It is the easiest solution for the Asus red light router problem. You need to follow these steps:
● Disconnect the cable:
Firstly, you should disconnect the power cable of the modem and router from the electrical outlet.
● Connect the modem:
After disconnecting the power cable, you must wait for at least 15-20 seconds. Then you can connect your modem needs to the modem’s boot up ultimately.
●  Connect the router:
You need to connect the router when you see the modem is stabilized. And you should give some time to boot up your router.
●   Check the internet connection:
After all these processes, you must test the internet connection on your router.

Disconnect And Reconnect Everything

In this method, firstly, you need to disconnect all the cables and connectors, the USB cables. After some time, you can connect all of the things back. You must check that the wires and connectors are not damaged. If you see the cable and connectors are well set, you can connect them to the correct port and ensure to attach them firmly. After rechecking each cable and reconnecting everything, you need to test the internet connection.

Configure the router through your smartphone

If you are getting red light on the Asus router, please try to connect to your WiFi through the smartphone and log in to the Asus router. When you complete the login process, you must go to the settings page and complete the configuration. After completing the setup process, the red light on the Asus router will turn white.

You need to set WAN to automatic IP

Knowing that you can check that the WAN is set up to get an automatic IP address is essential. If it isn’t, it may be the cause of the Asus red light router. You need to log in to the Asus router admin dashboard. In the menu section on the left side, scroll down to WAN under Advanced Settings. In the option of WAN Connection Type, you need to ensure Automatic IP is selected and not anything else. If you need some modifications, you can press Apply to save them.

Update the Asus router firmware

You must ensure that your Asus router has the newest firmware version installed.
You can upgrade your router firmware through the web-based interface; you should log in to your router first. Then you need to locate the current firmware version. After that, you should press on it and be redirected to the firmware upgrade section. You can verify whether the latest firmware version is available and upgrade the firmware automatically.
It is important to remember not to interrupt the firmware update process when it begins. Wait some time to complete the update without closing the browser, turning off your router, opening the other tabs in the browser, and so on.

You can contact your ISP

If any case, you have not fixed the problem with Asus red light router, it is time to contact your ISP support and ask for help. When contacting ISP support, you can quickly get confirmation whether scheduled maintenance or a service outage is causing the issue. If that is the cause, you will have to wait some time until they get it fixed.
Yet, your ISP support can check your line, restart the network and work as similar remote troubleshooting, and guide you via some troubleshooting ways. They can send a tech expert to come and fix the red light on the Asus router and even replace your router if they think it is necessary.


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How to fix red light on Asus router- Video

Video Credit:-ASUS Support


How do I fix the red light on my router?

You need to know how to fix the red light on a modem:
1.    Firstly, restart your usable router.
2.    Then you should check the network connections.
3.    Added an alteration cable or phone outlet.
4.    Try to attach the phone cord.
5.    Please, verify the internet credentials.
6.    You need to contact the manufacturer of the modem.
7.    You can get the ISP.

Why is my router LED red?

Few routers also have red lights to indicate that they’ve lost the internet connection with the ISP. When a red light on the Spectrum router signs that either your router can’t connect to the internet or any problem stops the router from performing generally.

Why is my WAN port red?

You need to know that the red light on the WAN port indicates that the device has no IP address or no physical connection to the port. You should check that the apparatus is connected correctly and verify the configuration.

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We know that the vital device of our wireless network connection is the router, so it is necessary to know some tricks when it creates some issue. You can see how to fix the red light on the Asus router so that you can apply these methods. If you face some major problem, you can contact any expert to fix Asus red light router. I hope you like this article about solving red lights on Asus routers, so please, stay here for other posts.

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