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One of the most asked questions in the Spectrum forum is, “Why is my Spectrum router blinking red light?” Although there are many plausible answers, none of them addresses all the possible solutions.

   That is why we wanted to address this issue and came up with this guide on how to fix red light on spectrum router. Here we will discuss all the possible solutions that will help you to fix this issue.

        Basically, it is a common issue where the blinking of red light indicates that it can’t connect to the internet. The issue is quite common with Wave 2 and WiFi 6 routers, but it can happen to other router models.

So without much time, let’s check how you can fix the Spectrum red light on the router.

Fixing Red Light On Spectrum Router

Fixing Red Light On Spectrum Router

If your Spectrum router starts blinking red light or shows solid red light, then you can opt for the following fixes that will help you to avert the issue. All these are properly tested and verified. Neither of the fixes will ruin your internet configuration, nor will it void the warranty of your router;

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Find Out If There Is An Outage In Your Area

    Find Out If There Is An Outage In Your Area-Fixing Red Light On Spectrum Router

    Before you start fixing the router, the first thing you will have to check is if there is any Spectrum outage in your area. Rather than relying on the result of random websites, it would help if you got into the network chat of Spectrum.
          You can also check out outages in your area through the Spectrum app on your smartphone. In general, if there is an outage, it would take around eight hours before the connection gets restored.

  2. Check All The Connected Cables

    Check All The Connected Cables-Fixing Red Light On Spectrum Router

    A loose cable or damage on the connector of the ethernet can also be the reason for the red light blinking in your router. Make sure the cables are properly inserted into the port, and there is no loose end.
           If the plastic clip of the ethernet port has broken, then the connection won’t be stable, and it could be the reason behind the red link on your Spectrum router. You will have to replace the ethernet port with a new one, preferably with a sturdier clip.

  3. Attempt A Restart Of Your Router

    Attempt A Restart Of Your Router-Fixing Red Light On Spectrum Router

    However, if there isn’t any issue with the cable or there isn’t any outage in your area, then there is a problem with your router. It can be an issue with the router’s software or malfunctioning in the router configuration. A basic restart of the router can solve the issue.
           To restart it, the first thing you will have to do is log in to the admin tool of your router.
          You just have to type the modem’s general IP address ( in the browser, and it will open the admin too.
       Once logged in, then click on Utilities, and there you will select Restart Router from the left menu.
           Wait for a few seconds, and when the router restarts, check if the red light has stopped blinking and you are able to access the internet.

  4. Power Cycling The Spectrum Router

    Power Cycling The Spectrum Router

    Power cycling the spectrum router is an efficient method that often solves the issue of red light blinking.
         To start the power cycling procedure, the first thing you will have to do is switch off both the router and modem and then disconnect them.
             Then remove the batter and wait for a couple of minutes before you put them inside again.
          Now again, reconnect your modem and after powering it on, wait for the blue light to appear.
            The next thing you will have to do is reconnect the router and wait for it to boot up after you power it up. If you see a blue light, then the connection is restored, and you can access the internet.

  5. Get In Touch With Spectrum Customer Service

    custom service The Spectrum Router

    However, if all the fixes fail and none of them restores your internet, then you should contact Spectrum technical service.
             They have fixes for all the issues, and they will guide how to fix red light on Spectrum. If they can’t fix the issue through the call, then they will send a technician to physically solve the issue.


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Video Guide on Fixing Red Light On Spectrum Router

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Here is a list of commonly asked questions by users when they face red light blinking in their Spectrum router;

Why is the red light blinking on the Spectrum router?

The Spectrum router has an LED indicator that blinks different colors to indicate the different statuses of the internet and WiFi, and one of them is the red light. When a red light starts blinking in your Spectrum router, it means the router isn’t able to reconnect to the internet.

What does the solid red light on a Spectrum router mean?

If the router shows a solid red light, it indicates that there is some critical issue and the router isn’t able to perform in the normal fashion. Resetting or rebooting the router often solves the issue.

What is the WPS button on the router?

WPS or WiFi Protected Setup is a process of connecting devices to your router in a secure method. If you have connected a specific device earlier to the router, then the WPS button will help you to connect to the device without needing a password.

What to do when the WiFi is not working with the Spectrum router?

If the WiFi of your Spectrum router is not working, then you should reset the modem by unplugging it and taking out the battery. You should take 30 seconds before you put in the battery again. Then plug it into the power and wait for two minutes before you start the modem.

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Final Thought

We hope all the fixes we have come forward with within this article have answered your query “how to fix red light on spectrum.” When you see a red light on the Spectrum router, you don’t have to panic and apply any one of the fixes to solve the issue. However, if you aren’t confident, then you should contact customer service, and they will help you in every way.

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