How To Reset A Frontier Router & Set-Top Box

When you are using a Frontier router, on many occasions, you might face slow speed, performance issues, or, at worst, can’t connect to the internet. Restarting the router often solves the issue but not always. The only option you will be left with is to reset, and most of the time, it solves the existing issue.

            However, when you reset your Frontier router, you will completely delete all your settings, which include the network name and password. But do you actually know how to reset a Frontier router? Well, if you don’t, then you have arrived at the right place. We have created a comprehensive guide that will tell how you can successfully do a Frontier router reset.

Before we jump to the main process, let’s check out the reasons that will compel you to reset your Frontier router;

Main Reasons Behind Frontier Router Reset

A Frontier router plays an important role in establishing a WiFi network in the house to which we connect all our devices. However, sometimes the connectivity might get affected, and it may be due to numerous reasons, which often lead to resetting the router. Let’s take a look at all those reasons;

  • Poor Internet Speed- One of the primary reasons behind resetting a Frontier router is slow internet speed. It is not due to low bandwidth or issues from ISP’s side; many Frontier users have complained that the router often slows down the internet speed.

       A restart might solve the issue, but on most occasions, you will have to reset the router to restore the original internet speed.

  • WiFi Connectivity Issue- WiFi connectivity issue is another major issue faced by Frontier customers where the router is connected to the internet, but you won’t get internet through the WiFi.

      The best way to solve the issue is to reset the router, and you will get smooth connectivity after the reset. However, before resetting, you should if there is an issue in your connectivity or if there is a service outage in your locality.

  • Improving The Performance- When you have been using the Frontier router for a long time, and you feel that performance has degraded, then you can reset the router. It will not only bring back the old stability, but it will also ensure the stability of your WiFi network.

          Moreover, the manufacturer also recommends users reset the WiFi at least once a month. However, you should take note of all the modifications you made to the router before resetting.

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How To Reset A Frontier Router

To do Frontier router reset, you can opt for two processes where one is doing a factory reset, and the other one is using a power cycling method. Both processes are quite easy to perform, and the following guide serves as proof;

Factory Reset Method

Factory reset is the last resort you should consider when you are facing issues with your Frontier router.

  1.   First, you need to take your router near you and locate the reset button. The reset button is mostly located in the rear area. 
  2. Once you have located the reset button, you just have to press and hold the button. Modern Frontier routers come with a dedicated button for resetting. However, if you are using a slightly older router model, then you use a pin or paperclip to press and hold the button.
  3. Then press and hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds and wait for a few seconds before the reset process starts. Generally, it takes around 10 seconds before the router restarts itself on its own.
  4. Wait for a few minutes before the process completes. Once the process is complete, all the light will be restored, and the router will start functioning again. You just have to restore your settings for smooth connectivity.

Restart Method

When you don’t want to reset your router completely, then you can opt for the restart method; 

  1. To begin the process, the first thing you will have to do is long-press the power button, or you can unplug the router.
  2. After switching off the router, you need to wait for a few minutes and then plug in the power cord of the router. If you have switched it off manually, then you need to press the power button.
  3. Allow the router to boot and check if the connection has been restored. On many occasions, this process solves the issue and prevents you from factory resetting the router.

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What happens if I reset my Frontier router?

When you reset your Frontier router, the process completely removes all the settings, including any custom settings you have made. It also deletes all the WiFi network names and passwords created.

How do I reboot the Frontier router?

The easiest way to reboot the Frontier is by pressing the power button and then keeping it switched off for at least 30 seconds. Then turn on the router again, and it will complete the reboot process.

What do I do if my Frontier internet is not working?

When you can’t connect to the internet through your Frontier router, and if there is no service outage in your area, then restarting or rebooting the router will solve the issue.

Does resetting the router change the WiFi password?

When you opt for resetting your router, it causes all the settings stored in the router to vanish, which also includes your password. However, you shouldn’t resort to a reset process until you feel you have no other option.

Final Thought

We hope we have been able to properly guide you on how to reset a Frontier router. Both the methods we have mentioned are easy to apply, and it would take a few minutes for you to accomplish. However, if you still face any difficulty, then you can contact us, and we will try to help you as much as possible.

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