How to Reset Arris Router or Modem-2022 Guides

Are you thinking about how to reset Arris Router or Modem? We all know that various specs, speeds, and features are accessible in the arris router like 4Gbps download speed, 1750 Mbps wi-fi speed, and four ethernet ports are included. You like to know that the Arris routers support the latest IPV6 and IPV4 versions.

Significantly, its best task is to function as a factory reset. Please reset the Arris router to factory default if you need excellent internet speed and improved performance.

How to Reset Arris Router or Modem

How to Reset Arris Router or Modem

There is an easy way to reset the arris router or modem to factory default.
Here’s the all details:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Reset Arris router by using the reset button

You like to know that approximately all Arris routers can be reset through the Reset Button.
1. Simply check your Arris modem or router, go to the back side of the router, and see a reset button. If, in any case, you can’t find the reset button, don’t worry; you can simply search for your usable router’s model online. And you can easily access the model diagram and each other related components.
2. When you find the button, touch it and press it for 12-15 seconds. If you can’t quickly press it, please you can use a pen to press the Reset button.
3. Completing this process takes some time, so you must wait for a reset.

Reset Arris router by using your router web interface

Reset Arris router by using your router web interface

Yes, an alternative method is to reset the device to utilize the web interface. The process is here:
1. When you consider resetting the arris router, you must first log in to the arris router or modem.
2. Then check for the Security or Utilities section based on the router model.
3. After that, select the option to factory reset and reset the device to default settings.
4. Please wait until the reset is done.
This method is very helpful when you learn how to reset an Arris Router or Modem. So, stay here and read the whole article for another detail.

You need to configure the Arris Router

When you finish the reset process, obviously, you need to configure your Arris router settings. You can use the admin interface to change the default settings.

Yet, an internet connection may be failed through this process. When you are working on the modern setting changing, please figure out the default settings of the modem.

If any case setting process goes wrong and you face loss of internet connection, of course, this precaution will help you.

 Here are some wireless settings for your router:
● Verify the Enable Wireless
● SSID: select the proper username
● Tap the Broadcast Network Name
● Auto mode the channel
● Select the Native language/ English
● Choose the high Tx Power
● Checked the WPS enable
● Check WPA/WPA2-PSK*/WEP as security
● Select TKIPAES as Encryption Mode
● Check pre-Shared Key: Complex rememberable password key
● Encryption Mode: PBC


  • Power
  • Internet


  • Arris Router or Modem

Materials: Hardware Software

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Video Guide-How to Reset Arris Router or Modem

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How do I reset my router and modem?

First, you need to unplug your router and then unplug the modem.
If any case, your router, and more haven’t power buttons. Then it would be fine if you pulled the power cord out of the back of your usable modem or router. Please, leave the devices unplugged for 20-25 seconds and wait a few seconds. After that, plug the modem again in, followed by the router.

What happens if I reset my Arris modem?

If you don’t need the modem for a long time and want to sell it to a new user, so you can use a full factory reset. Of course, this reset will eliminate your network information and restore the modem to the basic settings to function on a proper new network.

Where is the reset button on my Arris modem?

The reset button on the arris modem is located at the back of the modem. When you find the reset button, press it for 12-15 seconds.

Why is my Arris WIFI not working?

Please check that your modem and the computer are correctly connected with a USB or ethernet cable. You need to unplug the power from the modem and then reset the modem and wait for 3-4 minutes.

Will resetting my router mess up my internet?

If, in any case, your internet goes down, firstly reset the router. When you restart the router, the connection setting will reset automatically, interrupt malicious attacks on the network, and boot off the unwanted devices from your network.

Why do you need to reset the Arris router or modem?

You know that the internet problem is the major issue in any device. If you need to solve this problem, please reset your router. If you don’t consider about the reset it, the internet can create connectivity issues and face slow web browsing.
Obviously, you can solve the latency by resetting your router. The amazing fact is that you can also fix the download and upload problem by functioning as a full factory reset.
If you see your modem does not work correctly, please, you must do reset the arris router.
You need to know that a power cycle reset can reset your router, or you can also do the factory reset of the arris modem. You can simply use a power cycle reset to fix some temporary errors and check reboot fast.
You will need some time for factory resetting. Then, you can see that your modem will completely reset. And the best part is that network information, like the username and password of the router, will be stored.

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I hope you learn how to reset an Arris Router or Modem properly. You can set up your internet connection when you log in to your router. Reset Arris router has a relatively simple login set up to aid you in resetting your modem within a few moments.

If you see the routers gradually slow down. Please, reset them, and it can help to excellent internet speed. You need to that these factory reset methods will help fantastic internet speed, expand your wi-fi range, and get better and faster connectivity.

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