How to Reset AT&T U-Verse Router-2022 [Easy Way]

Don’t know how to reset the AT&T U-Verse router? Don’t worry; here I discussed all the details about resetting the at&t u verse router. I know that sometimes you have faced issues with your AT&T U-verse router, like an internet connection problem, disconnecting issue, etc. Of course, you need to reset it to factory defaults.

So, you can learn all the information about reset at&t u verse router in this post. You can quickly figure out all the details if you read the whole article.

Why do you need to reset your at&t U verse router?

If the router is the source of the whole issue, reset it:

Suppose you find any problem created by the router, so consider about to fix the problem. Obviously, don’t mess up the router when you are not sure the main issue originated from the ISP side. You need to verify directly and adequately connect the computer to the modem. If the router connects easily, no big issue is found. If you see a significant connection problem, properly reset the router using the steps explained in this post.

If you see overheating the router, reset :

Obviously, you must also check if the AT&T U-Verse Router is overheating. If you see it overheating, you don’t necessarily need to reset it. You need to know that this issue was created because of a lack of proper air circulation. You must manage a good area where the router position is good and presents enough air circulation to prevent overheating. You assume this process will go a long way toward fixing the problem. But the problem can easily be solved if you are thinking about resetting.

Password issue, then reset:

The other issue is when you have forgotten your router password. You need to know that factory resetting your router is essential in this situation. Please carefully complete the reset process because your username and password will be erased in this process.

I know this information will help you. So, stay here and learn how to reset AT&T U-Verse router. Please read the whole article.

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How to Reset AT&T U-Verse Router

Reset the Factory Settings your at&t u verse router

You need to know that troubleshooting and setting up the network connection of your router or modem is essential rather than the factory setting. Significantly, users of AT&T U-Verse may also restore their usual devices to factory settings.
When you complete your reset at&t u verse router, your usable password and wifi name will be erased. So, before the reset starts, ensure you are prepared to reset the device.

Total Time: 5 minutes

You must restart the AT&T wifi Gateway

How to Reset AT&T U-Verse Router

If you have faced serious problems such as the AT&T wifi gateway, router issues of connection with your device, or a good internet connection problem. Simply, it would help if you disconnected your gadget from the wall or power strip it is connected to. If it is a digital subscriber line, or DSL, the modem which links through a basic phone line, you also disconnect the phone connection from the device.
If your router has one for backup and you correctly unplugged the router from all power cables, you can remove the internal battery. Please remember how to remove it so you can adequately replace it.
When all power sources have been unplugged, wait for 30 seconds. Now, you can easily replace the battery and reconnect the power and gadget to the phone line. Lastly, place the device in its original area and wait 10-15 minutes for it to restart.

Reset the Factory Settings your at&t u verse router

When you see restarting, it isn’t enough. Simply, you can reset your router to factory settings. If you need custom editing, you are thinking about its setup, such as selecting a custom wifi network name or a particular IP address, which will be lost.
Restoring the factory setting, you need to push the reset button on your router for at least 15 seconds. When all the lights turn green, then it may start to reboot. Obviously, if you don’t hold the button correctly, the AT&T U-verse modem will not reset its factory settings.

Properly check U-verse Modem Lights

Reset the Factory Settings your at&t u verse router

If any case, the AT&T U-verse modem isn’t working correctly, you can figure it out through the signal green light.
Obviously, There are generally indicators that sign the condition of the modem’s connection to wifi, power source, battery life, and the router’s external network.
You would like to know that all lights have different color-coded states, which are used to figure out the device’s condition. You can be sure which lights are for your purpose and search the modem’s online documentation on AT&T’s website.


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What happens if I press reset on my AT&T router?

If you face any situation troubleshooting or setting up a new network, your router needs to be in a factory setting. The user of AT&T U-Verse can also reset their devices to factory default. While resetting your router will eliminate the data like the WiFi name and password.

How do I reset my AT&T WiFi?

Please reset the AT&T device’s internet: you can cover out your AT&T wireless internet; after that, tap and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. You can use a pen or paper clip to push the reset button.

Then click restart

What is the WPS button on the ATT router?

You like to know that The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) provides a fast, quick way to link your WPS-enabled devices to your hotspot connection without any default password. You can utilize the WPS functionality on your device, so you need to press and hold the WPS key. And press the prominent Wi-Fi with it.

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I hope this post is helpful for you if you are searching for how to reset the AT&T U-Verse router. You know that troubleshooting (Password issues) and setting up the new network are the main reasons for resetting the at&t u verse router.

But resetting is also necessary when your router is overheating. The above process can significantly help you in all these types of situations. If any case, after applying all methods, your AT&T U-Verse router doesn’t reset automatically, please contact customer support for assistance.

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