How To Reset Ruckus Router 2022 Guides

If you face any problems with your Ruckus router, you need to reset it. And when you are learning about how to reset the ruckus router, please use the suitable method. There is numerous way required to reset the router. You also need to know that the procedure of ruckus default login is straightforward.

Here, you also see the reset ruckus router to factory defaults Settings.

So, read this informative article which is related to resetting of ruckus router.

How To Reset Ruckus Router

How To Reset Ruckus Router

The ruckus resetting is a simple process. You need to know the processes and how to reset your ruckus router. Here are some methods as follows:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Reset Your Ruckus Router With Button

Reset Your Ruckus Router With Button

● Firstly, you need to check that your Ruckus router is recently turned on and connect a power source to it.
● Please, search the round “reset” port on the back side of the router.
● Then, you are required to tap the reset button for at least 15 seconds, so you can take a Paper Clip and utilize it to hold the button quickly.
● If you see the WLAN light blinking on the front of your router, You need to understand that the router is successfully reset and restored to the default factory settings.
Knowing that the ruckus router will not reset firmware’s earlier version is essential. The ruckus default login will modify all the settings.
After resetting need to ruckus default settings :
When resetting is complete on your Ruckus router, it goes back to the router’s factory default settings.
● Firstly, you required the common IP address:
● Enter the username: admin
● Type the Password: If there is no password, please, leave it blank.

You Can Reset Your Ruckus Router From Admin Control Panel

You Can Reset Your Ruckus Router From Admin Control Panel

You go to your internet browser and put the IP in the address bar. Then you can tap Enter. After that, you need to type admin in the ruckus default login ID box. Please, do not type anything into the router’s password section. Obviously, when the router has inserted the default login details, then you will have to locate your router’s admin settings section.
When you enter through IP address, if this does not show on the login screen, it may not be suitable for your router. In this situation, search your router’s details on the back side of the sticker.
● Firstly, You need to locate the Maintenance or Tools section.
● Then you can select the “Save and Restore settings” or “System” area from the left side of your router page.
● And now press on” Restore Device” or” Restore Factory Defaults. “
● Please wait for a few minutes; your router will do the Factory Reset.

Reset your Ruckus Router To Default Settings

Reset your Ruckus Router To Default Settings

Significantly, you need to reset your router for default settings hard if you can’t get logged in.
Of course, it would be best if you rebooted your Ruckus Router. It is essential to know that rebooting means cycling the power to the router or need to refreshing your router. Of course, you are required to reboot your router, so read these basic steps.
Solutions to ruckus default login :
If any case, you can’t be able to log in to your wireless router, you can apply the most straightforward solutions, which are as follows:
Step 1:
● Firstly, you need to unplug your Ruckus router’s power connection and plug it back after a few minutes.
● Then you can reboot the router for at least 30 seconds.
● The internet connection may drop slightly during the wireless router reboot.
Step 2:
● Firstly, you need to select the Maintenance or Tools tab.
● Then, you can touch Save and click Restore settings or System options.
● And now, You need to press on Rebooting option.
● Please wait a few minutes; the router rebooting is done.
Now, I think you can get an idea of how to reset ruckus router, so use all methods. And for other details, you need to stay here and read the full post.


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Video Guide on How To Reset Ruckus Router

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How do I reset my Ruckus Wireless Access Point?

You need to tap and hold the reset button of the router’s access point. When pressing the reset button, please, enter the power supply into the access. And you need to press the RST button for at least 15 seconds. Obviously, it is essential to note that the access point will be reset to factory settings.

How do I access my Ruckus router?

Please, type 192.168. 0.1 (the most common IP address for Ruckus routers) in the web browser’s address bar to access your router’s web-based user interface. Of course, you must check two text fields where you can put your username and password. You can also use the default username, which is excellent for your Ruckus Wireless router.

How do I reset my Ruckus access point r510?

To reset Ruckus access point r510 It is vital to know that you can apply a clip to press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. You need to wait for rebooting complete on your device and come online. Please, check the power status LED to turn flashing or stable greenlight. Lastly, you need to connect the network to the AP and find what IP it gets from the DHCP server.

What is a Ruckus router?

RUCKUS H350 is a WiFi 6 (802.11ax) access area with an integrated switch in a wall-plate form factor. The best thing is that H350 function Ruckus’ patented BeamFlex, and you can use an adaptive antenna utilizing to present high-speed 802.11ax WiFi in a low-profile creation that can be discretely installed over a best power service.


I hope this ruckus router reset post is helpful for you. If you learn how to reset ruckus router, so now you can use the above method for resetting your router. After using the techniques, please get in touch with the Ruckus customer care department if you see there are still issues.

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