How to setup modem without ethernet [2022 Guide]

If you don’t have an ethernet or network cable, the essential thing in home networking is how to set up a modem without Ethernet.

Significantly, you don’t always need to be connected to the router by cable to access its settings. Of course, You can also do it if a wi-fi router connects you without Ethernet.

Yes, you won’t successfully access the settings, so you need to connect to the router’s wi-fi, and you can’t plug an ethernet cable. Obviously, you need to access your router’s wired or wireless connection to modify settings.

You can learn here how to do this without an ethernet cable.

How to setup modem without ethernet

How to setup modem without ethernet

You can learn here how to do this without an ethernet cable.

Total Time: 5 minutes

In your modem setting, you can connect via wi-fi

In your modem setting, you can connect via wi-fi

If you face a wi-fi router without Ethernet, the first important step is to access the router’s settings. If you don’t have any cable, obviously, You need to be either plugged into it with a LAN cable or at least connected to it via wi-fi.
In this step, you need to search the router’s username/SSID and connected wi-fi password, And you can see the password on the back of it on a sticker somewhere. Something like this:
You need to know that you can search for your router’s SSID on the list of nearby wireless networks on any device. The significant fact is that default SSID generally marks either the router brand or your ISP (e.g., Comcast45667 or Netgear23456).
Please remember your wi-fi username/SSID/network name and wi-fi password are different from the router login credentials – login IP, admin/password. You need to connect to the router’s wi-fi to utilize the internet through the former; of course, you need to access the router settings to modify them. When you think about a wi-fi router without Ethernet, you obviously need to be connected to the router. And if you don’t have a cable, you need to access the wi-fi password.
If any case, you don’t find your router’s wi-fi password since it’s been changed from the default settings. If you need to use the WPS pairing button to connect automatically, it’s a newer model with physical access. You can simply enable the WPS feature on your device for one minute, then tap WPS on your router to pair up. Of course, you should connect to it without needing the password.
You need to know that if you can’t access the SSID/password or access the router to search for this information, then you can’t connect to the wi-fi router. Obviously, in this situation, you can’t do anything. If you want to access the setting successfully, you must have a wired LAN cable or a good wi-fi connection to your router. So, this way, you’ll have to find a method to get access somehow.

Start the modem’s Login Credentials

When you complete the router’s connection via wi-fi, you can log in to modem settings from any device. That usually connected easily with wi-fi.
Of course, you can quickly type the router’s IP address into the browser address of the connected device. You like to know that the correct login IP is located along with the admin/password on the sticker on the back, as shown above, so you need to search correctly.
●      Firstly, you must log in to your router, utilizing the login IP/admin/password you searched previously. You need to know that the router login is often,, or, or it may be different. Please, search for the sticker on the back of your router.
●      Then you need the router, get online, and enter with admin and password.
If you already modify these, you’ll need to obtain information from them or complete factory resetting to reset all logins to default. It would help if you used the safety pin in a hole on the modem for a few moments to do this, or taping and holding the reset button for 15 seconds does it on some routers.


  • Power


  • Modem

Materials: Software Hardware


How do I activate my modem without Ethernet?

 If you see your computer is not able to support Ethernet cable. Obviously, you can use wireless to test activation. You need to verify and tightly handle the coax cable to your cable connector on the modem. Please, carefully plug the power cord from the modem to the proper electrical outlet. Then you can allow the modem to power on and let it go to reboot.

How do I set up my router without an Ethernet cable?

Simply, you need to go to the router’s network or LAN setup area setting, search for a place with “DHCP” in its title, and then deactivate DHCP if it’s on. Then you can connect the bridge router to your main router. It will be great if both routers have WPS buttons; of course, you can push that button on both routers to connect them without Ethernet.

Can a modem work without Ethernet?

Of course, you can notice the most common thing whether you need a modem or if they have an Ethernet port or not. You like to know that you don’t need a modem for a speedy connection if you have an Ethernet port. We all know that the modem installed by the internet provider company is effective for functioning a good network connection.

How do I connect to the internet without Ethernet?

You need to do that; please plug your phone into your device using a USB cable and then set up USB tethering. You have an Android, so, firstly, go to the settings, select network, and try to connect internet; after that, check the hotspot & tethering and toggle on tethering. And if you have iPhone, you simply need to go settings option, check for Cellular, and then select personal hotspot and toggle on the personal hotspot.


You can easily use your device anywhere in your home or office, with appropriate wi-fi and a power outlet nearby. You can connect the device to your router without using an Ethernet cable. I hope this post is perfect for you if you are searching for how to set up modem without Ethernet.

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