How To Stop DDoS Attacks On Netgear Routers

DDoS is a common attack faced by individual users, especially on their home network. Although the attackers won’t be able to do any major damage, it is still better to be safe with your routers than sorry.

We created this guide for users who worry about DDoS attacks on their home network and pondering how to stop DDoS attacks on Netgear routers. There are different types of DDoS attacks, so we have come up with some efficient processes that will help you to stop any DDoS attack and prevent your device from getting affected.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the process.

Different Methods To Stop DDoS Attacks On Netgear Router

The DDoS attack is an effective technique used by hackers and digital thieves where they overwhelm a network with unnecessary traffic and make the network completely unusable. It can also slow down your network and prevent you from opening web pages. Here are the following methods on Stop DDoS Attacks On Netgear Routers.

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Updating The Router’s Firmware

Keeping the firmware updated is one of the most convenient ways to Stop DDoS Attacks On Netgear Routers. When you keep the router updated with the latest firmware, it reinforces the network security with the latest security patches that can prevent most DDoS attacks. Here is the way to update the firmware of your Netgear router.
1. First, head to your router login and enter your credentials.
2. Then open the Netgear support web page, where you will find the latest firmware patch.
3. Under the firmware tab, you will have to type your Netgear’s model number, and it will show you the latest firmware.
4. Now, you just have to download the latest firmware and keep it in an easy-to-access location on your hard disk.
5. Once you have downloaded it, head to Netgear’s router admin page and select the Administration option located under the Advanced tab.
6. Next, you will have to select the Firmware Update option, and once you click on it, you will get a pop-up window where you have to locate the download file.
7. Choose the downloaded file for the firmware update and then click on the upload button. Once you upload the file, it will take a few minutes, and the router will update to the latest version.

Utilize Netgear Armor Feature

Netgear Armor can be highly useful for you if you want to know how to stop DDoS attacks on Netgear routers. The Armor features come with numerous attributes, which makes them useful against DDoS attacks.
     It comes with advanced system scanning, vulnerability checks, threat analysis, admin rights protection, etc to completely safeguard your network. However, it is a paid service, but if you want to test, you can go for the trial service. Let’s check out how you can do it;
1. To begin with, open the app store in your network and search for Orbi or Nighthawk apps.
2. Download any of the applications and wait for them to download. Once it is downloaded, just open it.
3. Head to the menu, and there you will find the Security tab. However, to access the Security tab, the app will ask you Log-in to the Netgear account. Just log in with all the correct credentials.
4. Now press the Activate tab and wait for the service to get activated.
5. The last thing you will have to do is configure the Netgear Armor, and to do that, you will have to press the Security button.

Enabling Port Scanning and DoS Protection

Besides Netgear Armor, the manufacturer also offers the option of Port Scanning and DoS protection with the router. When you enable this feature, it prevents attackers from checking ports of the host that can be attacked during DDoS.
      Although it isn’t highly effective, it creates an added layer of security when you combine it with other DDoS protection. Let’s check out how you can enable this feature;
1. First, you will have to log in to your Netgear router’s admin page.
2. Once you are logged in, look for the Advanced option, which is mostly located on the top or right side of the page.
3. Then locate the Setup menu and click on it.
4. Once the Setup page opens, you will find the WAN setup option, and you will have to tap on it.
5. If the feature is not enabled in your Netgear router, then you will have to unselect the Disable port scan option.
6. Just tap on the Apply button at the end to enable the option.


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Video Guide To Stop DDoS Attacks On Netgear Routers

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Will Netgear armor stop DoS attacks?

Armor is geared with numerous features that have the capability to stop attackers from doing DoS attacks. The Armor feature will warn you when an attacker is trying to exploit the devices in your network.

Can a router stop a DDoS attack?

Yes, routers can stop a DDoS attack only when it is geared with the required security features. These routers are reinforced with some firewall features that can prevent the unnecessary flow of incoming traffic, especially when it is coming from multiple sources.
   Although it can’t detect any particular DDoS attack type, it has the capability to block a heavy flow of traffic when it is not required by the host.

Does restarting the router stop DDoS?

Restarting the router during the time of a DDoS attack can help you prevent the attack but only if you get a new dynamic IP address from the ISP.
     However, the attacker can continue with their DDoS attack if, after restarting the router, you get a legacy IP address. In general, when you report a DDoS attack to your ISP, they quickly give you a new dynamic IP address to prevent the attack.

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Final Thought

DDoS attacks may not cause serious harm to your network but can still disrupt the network, which can lead to certain losses. This guide about how to stop DDoS attacks on Netgear routers will help you stop any attack and safeguard your network. We have come up with some effective methods that have been effective in stopping DDoS attacks.

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