How to unpause device on Xfinity without an app-[4 Steps] 2022

If you are an Xfinity wifi user, you heard about the ”pause”. The fantastic thing is that if you can control Xfinity devices, you need to learn hHow to unpause device on Xfinity without an app

Here I will explain all the methods how to unpause Xfinity wifi without an app, and you should apply these methods and get on with web browsing, video gaming, or shopping, as per your choice.

Here learn about How to unpause device on Xfinity without an app

There are simple steps for unpausing the Xfinity device. The steps are as follows:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Create The Connection

Before you unpause your Xfinity device, properly check that you get a wire for the phone to connect the device to the PC.

Find Your MAC Address

Before beginning the unpause on the Xfinity device through your MAC address.
You can find the Mac address on Windows PCs through these simple steps:
Click the essential key:
In this step, you must press the R and Windows keys together.
Type “cmd”:
After pressing the keys, you need to type “cmd” without any quotes in the displayed box.
Type “ipconfig /all”:
Then you get a black window and put the “ipconfig /all” without quotes.
Press Enter:
Next, you must press Enter. And scroll down to your available network adapter, and you will see the “Physical Address,” your MAC address.
You can find the MAC Address on Mac OS X; please, follow the simple steps:
Choose your system:
Firstly, you must select System Preferences on your Mac OS X.
Select the Network:
After that, you should choose a network and connect to it on the left-hand side pane.
Click on “wifi Address”:
After selecting the network, press Advanced in the lower corner. Then you can see an entry titled “wifi Address” at the bottom, which is your MAC address.

Mask the MAC Address

To successfully get around a MAC address block, you should spoof or mask your MAC address to get around a MAC address block.
Significantly, you can do this by downloading a MAC address changer that modifies your MAC address. If you using the tool is much more straightforward, then you can change it manually through some work.
If you have a macOS computer, you must manually change it without a tool.
On this page, you see how to unpause Xfinity wifi without an app; you need to read the other details discussed in the next section.

Install a MAC Address Changer

You can use the Technitium MAC Address Changer to unpack the Xfinity device and MAC address changer.
The amazing fact is that it’s completely free to use and might seem daunting, evaluated by its user interface; however, it is pretty simple.
If you are an Android user, you can still change your MAC address, but it is a longer and more time-consuming process, and you can face some issues and will void the device warranty.
You need to know that Apple does not allow you to modify your iPhone’s MAC address without jailbreaking it, which is illegal.
When you install the Technitium application on your PC, you need to follow these basic steps:
 Choose the paused wifi device:
You should select the paused wifi device from the available list in this step.
 Press on MAC Address:
Next, press Random Mac Address, and wait for at least 5 minutes.
In your Windows PC, the MAC Address has successfully been changed.
You can change the MAC address on your macOS computer; please, follow the simple steps:
Save the MAC Address:
After finding your MAC address, please note it for the next step.
Tap the wifi symbol:
Then you should press the option key and choose the symbol of wifi. And please note down the interface name.
Go to the Terminal:
After that, you need to open the Terminal by searching for it in Finder. Then type the command 1. OpenSSL rand -hex 6 | sed ‘s/\(..\)/\1:/g; s/.$//’ into the Terminal and click enter.
And please, remember the hexadecimal number you find after clicking enter, which will be your new MAC address.
Disconnect from wifi:
Next, disconnect from your wifi. And you can close the terminal section and then open it again. Then put the command in the window and click enter. You must enter the login password when prompted.
Now, your MAC address has been changed. You can connect to the wifi again and check if you can reaccess the internet connection.


  • Internet
  • Power


  • Your router
  • PC

Materials: Software

How to unpause the device on Xfinity without the app- VIDEO

Video Credit- JoxS0

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How do I Unpause a device from my wifi?

The simple steps to pause and resume in your device:
1.    Firstly, you must open the Google Home app.
2.    Then, press the wifi. Devices.
3.    After that, you need to pause the device; please tap Pause. To resume, press Unpause.

How do I unblock a device on my Xfinity wifi?

Here are tricks to unblock the device:
In your Xfinity app, press on the Security tab and then Advanced Security to locate the security risk Dashboard. You can see a list of security risks, search the unauthorized access attempt for the device you want access to, and follow the guidelines to enable access.

What happens when you pause the device Xfinity?

When you think to pause, the new device assigned to them will be paused. It is essential to know that any in-progress functioning might not stop immediately. Your accessible network connection to local devices that utilize cellular data or other wifi networks won’t pause.

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After reading out the final step of how to unpause Xfinity wifi without the app, you can use these steps to unpause the Xfinity device. Don’t worry at all; these steps are straightforward. I hope you like this article on how to unpause a device on Xfinity without an app, so please stay here for other posts.

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