How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version -2022

You know that we are all constantly updating our smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Nowadays, you are also thinking about How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version.

TP-link router shares your Internet connection with everything that knows how to connect. So, you can’t ignore updating tp link router.

Significantly, this post will teach you how to update tp link firmware step by step. All details are here:

Why do you require to update tp link router?

You know that tp link router is very helpful for connection to the internet for your wireless devices. Of course, it is an essential task, but we don’t overthink a router task. At least It is necessary to update it from time to time.

When you update other smart devices, please update your router; obviously, firmware updates generally improve performance. Several modern routers are available in the market with unique functionality, tp link firmware updates can represent extraordinary features.

How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version

The basic requirements to update tp link firmware on a router
Here are the exact requirements as follows:
1.     Proper Internet connection
2.     An Ethernet cable
3.     Basic criteria of Login
4.     A laptop or computer device
You see the simple step on how to update the TP-Link Firmware version

Total Time: 5 minutes

Download the firmware version

How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version

First, you must download the latest firmware version on your device.
Go to the TP-Link website and search the download center. Then choose the proper drop-downs for your TP-Link router. Select the latest version, then tap on Firmware. The screen will show the available firmware list.

Save the file

How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version

When the file download is complete, unzip it and save it in an appropriate location that can quickly use it.

Log in

How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version

In step 3, go to the TP-Link router’s web management page and finish the Login process.

Locate the firmware file

How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version

Then click on System Tools-Firmware Upgrade; after that, press Browse/Choose File to locate the extracted firmware file, and you can open it by clicking.


How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version

Now you can press the upgraded button. When updating tp link router is completed, your device will reboot automatically.

Verify the update

How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version

Of course, you can check whether tp link firmware has been upgraded or not by clicking Status.

About Configuration

How to Update TP-Link Firmware Version

If any case, a few upgrades will restore to factory settings. Please reconfigure your TP-Link by running the Quick Setup Wizard.
I hope you like this information about how to update the TP-Link Firmware version. You must need another detail of updating the TP-Link router, so stay here and read the whole article.

Estimated Cost: -2 USD


  • Internet


  • TP-link Router

Materials: Software

Particular caution for updating the router

  1. You know that few models have many hardware versions. You need to check the hardware version of your device. If you have the same hardware version, so easily update the firmware. You need to know that the wrong firmware upgrade can harm your appliance and void the warranty.
  2. See an example when you have an Archer C7 version 4; you would select version 4. I suggest that you search out the suitable hardware version and adequately check the important note when you need to update.
  3. When you update the TP-Link router, don’t use a wireless connection.
  4. Please remember that the power and the Ethernet cable must work correctly during the update process.
  5. Please keep proper attention during firmware download because few cases latest firmware can’t support the backup file of the previous firmware. If you see this type of issue in any situation, you will need to reconfigure your router.

These some caution will help you when you are thinking about how to update the TP-Link Firmware version.

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What is the definition of Firmware?

Firmware is software programmed on a hardware device, and its task is to help guide a hardware device on how to function. You like to know that Firmware is embedded inside the non-volatile memory such as ROM, E prom, etc.

Can I successfully upgrade my Firmware through a remote control system?

Yes, amazingly, you can upgrade your router remotely. If someone is present in your router’s exact area, it is possible to reboot it when the firmware upgrades.

How do I search the router”s IP address?

Simply search your router’s right side, and you can find a printed sticker.
Alternatively, you can check the information in the user guide and the router’s support page to find the default IP address. You can also use a common IP address,, that is usable for routers.

If my Firmware upgrading fails, what needs to do?

You know that firmware upgrade failure is a common situation. Of course, many reasons are responsible for this failure, such as moving out of range, exiting the app, and specific phone calls during updating. If you are faced with such a situation, please go to the management and resume the update of your firmware.

What happens if I forget my usual password?

In this situation, you can press the small button on the back side of the router and try to ” reset.” Simply press the button for 8-10 seconds and see that the router will reset to its default settings. Then basically, you need to log in to your router through the default username and password. Please put your correct username and password, which was shared with you when you initially got the router, or you can be used the default username and password.

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In this post, you have learned how to update the TP-Link Firmware version for the routers.

The interesting fact is that tp-link firmware is a safety shield for your essential data and works as a vital part of traffic from the network.

 Significantly, updating the tp link router is extremely necessary for its skill performance—every time to link releases a firmware upgrade. The latest version of the software is a patch for all the bugs and glitches.

Yes, the essential thing is to take care of the hardware also. 

I hope this article is perfect for your need. And thank you for reading this article.

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