How to update Xfinity router firmware

If you are also one of the owners of the router and wondering how to update Xfinity router firmware, then you are in the right place. Like any other routers, Xfinity routers also need firmware updates which will not only keep it up to date but also fix any kind of bug.

  In this article, we will take a look at the process of how you can update Xfinity router firmware. Before we move into the process of updating Xfinity router firmware, first let’s talk about;

Why It is Important to Update Xfinity Router Firmware?

Firmware updates are important for the Xfinity router because it helps the routers to stay up-to-date and also improve performance by a large margin. With newer firmware updates, Xfinity not only fixes all the bugs but also eliminates any network issues.

      These updates also help the organization to introduce new features that will help the device to perform in a better manner. Firmware is basically inbuilt software that takes care of all the functionality and security aspects of the router. 

         So when you update the firmware of your Xfinity router, you also update the security feature which is important as it helps you to keep your WiFi network secured from intruders. This is why the organization rolls out new firmware updates at regular intervals so you won’t have any issues.

How To Update Xfinity Router Firmware?

How to update Xfinity router firmware guides

Users mostly think updating the firmware of Xfinity routers is a tough task but in reality, it isn’t. Although the process is slightly lengthy, the steps are easy and if you follow everything properly, you can easily update the router with the new firmware. Here are the steps to update the  firmware;

Total Time: 5 minutes

Opening the admin page

Checking the current firmware

The first thing you will have to do is find out which firmware is currently being installed in your router. The easiest way to find out is by logging into the router’s page ( which can be done through the web browser.

Checking the current firmware

How to update Xfinity router firmware-Checking the current firmware

In this step, you will have to check which is the current firmware version of the router. It is important that you should check your router’s firmware version and tally with the currently available firmware version.

Opening the download part

Once you know your firmware version, it is time to head to the download section which is located in the Advanced tab under the Administration section.

Downloading the firmware

Downloading the firmware

Download the latest firmware from the download section by clicking on the Check button. When the download starts, it will ask for confirmation and you just have to press Yes.

Waiting for download to end

Waiting for download to end

Once the download is finished, the update will begin shortly. The process may take a few minutes to complete but it entirely depends upon the router model.

Make Changes to settings

Make Changes to settings

Now again go back to the admin page of your router’s interface through the web browser. Here you can make all the necessary changes you want to make under the admin panel. You just have to press on the edit option and make all the necessary upgrades.

Finalizing the process

Finalizing the process of updating xfinity router firmware

Once you make a change, the router will reboot to apply those changes.


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However many users have complained that they aren’t able to update the firmware of their Xfinity router in a normal manner. If you are also facing the same issue, then you can try the alternate method.

  • Step 1: Opening the admin page- Begin the process by opening any web browser and head to the main page of your router.
  • Step 2: Finding your router model- Once the page opens, head to the admin console and from there you will have to select the More tab. A new page will appear and here will find various options for various routers.
  • Step 3: Selecting firmware of your router- From there you will have to select Driver and Xfinity Firmware Update and you will be furnished with the list of all Xfinity router models. Click on the model number of your Xfinity router.
  • Step 4: Download the firmware- Once you select your model number, you will get the firmware update list and from there you will have to download the latest firmware for your router.
  • Step 5:Installing the firmware- Install the update and reboot both the router and computer. After a successful, the router will be upgraded to the new firmware.

Also if you facing an internet issue on the infinity router and want a smooth experience then try changing the DNS on the Xfinity router.

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Video Guide on How to update Xfinity router firmware

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When updating the Xfinity router firmware, a lot of queries come to the mind of users. Here are those queries along with answers;

What is the firmware of a router?

Firmware is basically an inbuilt software of every router which is responsible for performing and controlling all the functions of the router. The firmware is also responsible for taking care of the security of the WiFi network.

How much time does the Xfinity firmware update take?

Well, in general, it takes around 15 minutes to complete the  Xfinity router update. However, the time may change from model to model. Moreover, the time also depends upon the total size of the update and your internet speed.    

Can you update the modem firmware?

You can’t physically update the firmware of your modem and it will automatically update itself when it gets updates from Xfinity. However, you can contact customer service to get assurance your modem is running on the latest code.

Does the Xfinity modem automatically update?

If your Xfinity modem is rented, then it will get automatically updated. You won’t have to update them manually or even check for updates.

How Do I update my modem on my Xfinity app?

To update the modem through your Xfinity app, you will have to open the app and choose Active Your New Equipment. Then you will have to enter the MAC address and a serial number of your new mode and your model will get updated.

Is Xfinity modem upgrade free?

Yes, an Xfinity modem upgrade can be done free of cost and you just have to contact customer service to make the request.

How do I force my route to update?

You just have to head to the Xfinity router admin page and go to the advanced option under the Admin section. From there you can download the update.

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By now, we are hopeful that you are able to learn about how to update the Xfinity router firmware. While updating, be careful about the Xfinity router’s model number because if you download the update of the wrong model then it causes the router to malfunction.

Xfinity is a widely popular telecommunication giant that is known for providing quality routers to its customers. They have a large array of consumer routers that cater to different requirements of users.

 Always make sure your Xfinity update is up to date as it will ensure the smooth running of the router and WiFi network.

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